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Product Recall Trauma!

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Why you need to BPA!

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Food Safety evolution

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6 straight years of growth for Irish meat industry

More lunch time reading regarding the steady incline of the meat industry within Ireland. Click Link below to view article.
Continued growth for Irish meat industry

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Food Harvest 2020 strategy & Irish Beef in the U.S

Found this interesting article about the Irish meat sector in the United States and the Food Harvest 2020 strategy. Feel free to have some lunch time reading.

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Ireland’s reputation for the highest standards of food safety and traceability are recognised by USDA, in approving Ireland as the first EU […]

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Tighter regulation for food companies what does this mean for you?

As global food consumption continues to grow, the food safety landscape is also changing fast. Recent high-profile food recalls and outbreaks of food-borne illnesses have triggered increased public scrutiny. Customer are also increasingly aware of what they are buying opting for produce that is either locally sourced or has proof on the label that the product […]

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