Your HACCP needs to be paperless

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) methodology is key to managing quality and safety systems in many industry sectors including Food and Pharmaceutical.

Invariably this involves completing CCP forms at various points and times in the manufacturing process. The data on these forms is meant to be an early warning system of problems in the manufacturing process that could lead to contamination or safety risks.

However because these forms are often paper based it is very difficult to get real time data and active alerts. Also it is often difficult to be sure that operators are filling in the forms at the correct location and time. So a paper based HACCP system can be very flawed in real practice.

The HACCP module solves these problems and also simplifies form recovery for Audits and management reviews. Verify Technologies can easily incorporate your existing forms into the HACCP modules. We convert your forms into eForms within the system. When individual HACCP forms are completed within the system they are automatically date and time stamped. Active alerts can be generated by the system if CCP checks are not performed at the appropriate time also, the data entered by operators can be automatically checked against limits and real time warnings and alerts can be activated.

Forms can also be submitted for approval and signed off electronically by the relevant managers. The system is compliant with FDA regulation 21 CFR part 11 relating to electronic signatures so you can be confident in relation to any compliance issues in respect of Audits.

Mobile devices including smart phones, iPads and rugged handhelds can also be used in production and shop floor environments for completing and submitting HACCP forms for approval.