Hazardous Waste Management is sensitive – so take care!

Hazardous Waste Management Traceability is a key issue for Councils, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Companies and the Manufacturing Sector. Our Software automates the tracking of Documents, C1 forms, waste processing and disposal. Automatic billing customers by weight and simplifying reporting to local waste management authorities.

Our Hazardous waste management system provides facilities for Bund Management, Waste Classification including EWC Code and UN Code allocation, Dispatch consolidation and all of the waste process control features that usually require many hours of document generation and filing.

The Hazardous waste management system also prints out relevant bar codes to simplify waste management collection and also links with handheld devices that operators can use for recording transactions at remote customer locations. It can also link with weigh systems at in-coming where waste is being received.

It also includes all of the facilities for managing a complete waste transfer station.

Defining and classifying waste products

A complete electronic catalogue of EWC codes and UN Codes is provided within the system. These modules can then be used as part of the classification process for classifying products within the Products module.

 With this approach a product need only to be classified (and approved) once and it is available (along with specification and classification details) throughout the rest of the system and the waste management process.

The UN Code module and the EWC codes module are provided fully populated with the current published codes when the system is installed. An annual update service (optional) is provided by Verify Technologies to maintain these modules with any published updates by the various standards bodies.

Defining and managing Bund types and locations

Bund types and the locations within bunds can be defined by the user within the system. Barcode labels for Bund locations can be printed out from within the system. If these are then affixed to the physical locations, operators can scan locations as part of movement and management transaction activities (normally performed with handheld etc.)

Once bund locations are defined, waste products can be transacted into these locations using a variety of methods, including handheld devices.

The “Bund Details” tab allows management and operators to review the contents of any bund at any time.

 In addition, operators can perform Bund management functions such as;

  • Move Location

Allows waste items to be moved from one location to another within the warehousing system.
  • Bulking
This allows for smaller waste containers to be “bulked” into one larger container. The system generates a new serial number for the bulked item and tracks the smaller waste serial number items (that were bulked) as sub-items of this new item.

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