Take the hassle out of New product introduction

The NPI (new product introduction) portal helps you manage your product development process more efficiently. It also simplifies bringing new products onto the manufacturing floor and ramping up to volume production levels. It will help to reduce time to market and maximize revenue windows on new products.

Any new product that is being introduced into an organization involves cross functional teams and a lot of collaborate effort. The NPI (new product introduction) portal allows all of these departments and personnel work collectively on a central system. It provides facilities for;

  • Version control of specifications, recipes, bills of materials, drawings, customer requirements, cost analysis, and more.
  • Definition of product specification data and production quality control parameters.
  • Project planning including project gate stage forms and approval.
  • Attachment of external, third part, documents and files.
  • Vendor supplier qualification and management.
  • Definition of production job sequences and step.
  • Batch records relating to production prototype runs.
  • Definition of new tooling and new machine pre-production setting (PPS) information.
  • Personnel tasks, meeting minutes and schedules.
Users who log into the portal can only see items that they have privilege to see. Also signoff’s, approval and other functionality is easily restricted based on the privilege associated with the user’s log in.

The NPI (new product introduction) portal links seamlessly with the Verify Technologies Production Management Portal so all of the relevant design, specification, prototype production data and other relevant data can stream directly into the Production Portal. This can dramatically reduce the time involved in getting volume manufacturing running effectively on new product introductions on the production floor.

Customers and suppliers can also benefit significantly from using the NPI portal because they have access to up to the minute specifications, drawings and other key data that they need to ensure that their contribution to the project schedule is maximised.