Purchasing Management is the manufacturing backbone!

The Purchasing management portal will streamline your goods inwards processes. It is a paperless system for, identifying raw material requirements; issuing supplier P.O.’s; receiving goods inwards; labeling incoming material; managing ingredients at a lot code level; Sending goods received data directly to accounts system, and more.

Once a purchase order is processed through the system the personnel responsible for receiving raw materials have an electronic manifest of all the items due to be received and are just confirming the actual quantities or weights received. They can also add all of the quality and HACCP data items directly into the good inwards record on the portal. In this way the business has an early warning system relating to any shortages or materials. Allowing for effective Purchasing Management.

When material relating to a Purchase Order have actually been received the system will automatically send the relevant “bill” details to your accounts system. The system provides facilities to allow users to add supplier invoice details to the transaction stream. This includes supplier invoice number; invoices date; purchase tax; discounts and more. This eliminates duplication of data entry on your accounts system.

All of your existing  management reports that are inherent to your business can now be automatically created by our Purchasing Management system. No more need to spend hours on spreadsheets to extract meaningful data. All these reports can be designed just like your existing reports, giving you instant, accurate real-time reports.

In the background the system is automatically recording all of the traceability and HACCP quality data (one step backward) to ensure your company is fully compliant with traceability legislation requirements. All supplier lot codes and trace codes are linked automatically to purchase order number that was used to receive them. The Purchasing Management portal also has facilities to print bar code labels for goods received at your incoming dock.