Paperless HACCP and Quality Management

The Quality Management Portal is a complete paperless Traceability, HACCP and quality management system. It is an essential tool to help your business improve quality performance and manage regulatory audits including BRC; ISO9001; 18001 and others.

The Quality Portal is made up of a number of interrelated modules covering Document Management; Audit Management; Non-Conformance Management; Asset Management; Training Management; Traceability management; HACCP management and Health & Safety management.

Each of these modules help to eliminate the tedium of “paper pushing” in these processes and allows the employees and stakeholders to work and collaborate in a more effective way to help to continuously improve your products and processes.

The Quality portal integrates seamlessly with all of the other Verify Technologies portals so that key quality metrics can be easily quantified and reported directly from the system without the need for your key quality personnel tied up drafting excel spreadsheets and reports. They can focus on improving the products and process.

Management and employees can access real time dashboards and reports in real time. The system will generate tasks and to-do list automatically for relevant personnel and send daily reminders and updates on progress related to quality and process related items. The system thereby actively drives people to close out quality and non-conformance related issues in a timely fashion.

The portal is an essential requirement to help manage the increasing legislation requirements relating to Traceability, HACCP and other regulatory and customer audits. In a modern competitive manufacturing environment it is impossible to try to manage these processes effectively with paper based quality management system and home cooked “Excel hell” spreadsheets.

The system is a web “browser based” solution so all of the stakeholders, employees; management; customers and suppliers can be linked into one central system and can collaborate efficiently on issues through the portal. The portal is also ideal for multi-site organizations because it allows central management of quality standards and performance.