Easy and Effective Sales Management

 The Sales Management Portal is a complete end to end solution to help you manage, order entry; customer order picking; outgoing shipping and dispatches; customer billing and trace codes tracking.

The portal will allow all of the stakeholders in this process to work together in a seamless and paperless fashion so that everyone can see the progress on each customer sales order at any time. It makes the entire Sales Management process so much easier. Offering much greater control, Visibility, and security for management.

In the background it manages the traceability issues (one step forward) associated with tracking lot codes of each product shipped to each customers. Traceability reports available with our Reports Portal further enhance your ability to manage potential recall and quality audits for your business. This means that Sales management reports can now be generated instantly for managers. With accurate real-time data. So now managers spend less time wrestling with spreadsheets and duplicating data. This frees up time for management to focus on other activities.

The system links with your accounts package and therefore eliminates duplicate data entry. Once a sales order dispatch is complete the system automatically writes the appropriate invoice details directly into the accounts system and adjusts appropriate inventory levels automatically.

The portal is fully scaleable and can be used by very small companies and also larger multi-site companies. The system can also link with your bar code scanners and bar code label printers to simplify and automate product and shipping labels and documents.

The Verify Sales Management Portal makes the sales process so much easier. Your entire sales process will become streamlined, connected and automated. It makes life much easier for users and management.