Batch Code Traceability Management is Crucial!

 All of the relevant Verify Technologies portals and modules link seamlessly with the Traceability Management Module. The traceability management module is a component element of the Quality Management Portal.

Tracking the batch codes and/or serial numbers of products and ingredients or raw materials used throughout your business is a key requirement for many sectors including Food; Life Sciences and Hazardous Waste Management industries.
The Traceability Management module allows “one step backwards – one step forwards” tracking and will help to ensure compliance with all international traceability standards. In addition to tracking individual batch codes (lot code) that system can also track to individual serial numbers within each batch code. You will have the capability to Search and find any batch code and find exactly what happened this batch of material from start to finish, all within a minute. You tell me. Does this make your life and Audits easier?

Used in conjunction with other portals and modules available from Verify Technologies the system provides traceability tracking through all of the key business processes as a background activity (e.g. sales; purchasing; production; warehouse management).

There is a comprehensive suite of traceability reports available with the module to simplify any product recall issues or audit issues relating to regulatory audits or customer audits.

The other dimension relating to Traceability is effective bar code labeling. The Verify Technologies portals all provide bar code label printing facilities so that appropriate product and traceability labels can be printed when and where needed. These “print on demand” facilities automatically include the appropriate items such as product code; batch code; serial number; expiry date, etc. The bar code labels printed by the system are compatible with EAN 128 which is an international standard for traceability label formats. Other custom formats can also be incorporate into the system in either 1D, 2D or QR code formats.

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