Seery’s Bakery

The story of Seerys is a genuine Irish success story. In the late eighties, Mrs Philo Seery noticed that it was hard to find traditional Irish fruit cakes in the shops. Using her own recipes and operating from the family kitchen in rural Ireland, she began to bake quality cakes and puddings on a small scale for the local market.

As word spread and reputation grew, it was not long before they realized that Philo’s recipes and baking were exactly what the people were after – quality baking with the best ingredients, resulting in a real home baking taste. Within just 10 years, Seery’s has moved to its current home, a custom-built bakery on a two acre site in the village of Tinryland, just outside Carlow town in the southeast of Ireland. And home to one of the region’s best known family bakeries.

‘Before Verify everything was manual, we now use tablets and handhelds which free up a lot of resources and peoples time’
Sharon Buggy (Financial Director), Seery's Bakery
‘One of the greatest benefits of Verify is that we can track any of the recall products, so if anything goes wrong we have all the data we need on the system to trace back investigate and explain what happened’
Karolina Ryczkowska (Stock Controller), Seery's Bakery
‘Our customer at the time was very impressed that it only took 4 hours to preform the Audit and was impressed with the system we had’
Sharon Buggy (Financial Director), Seery's Bakery