Sales Portal

Our online sales and dispatch management system revolutionizes collaboration among all stakeholders involved in the sales and materials dispatch process by enabling seamless paperless operations. Our platform is designed to enhance efficiency and transparency, resulting in reduced purchasing costs and waste. It streamlines workflows, ensuring that everyone from sales teams to dispatch personnel can work together harmoniously, making your operations not only more eco-friendly but also more cost-effective

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Sales Portal

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Seamless Accounting Integration

  • Directly link your accounting package to The Verify Platform through EDI or other methods.
  • Achieve a cohesive business solution by automating data transfer between accounting and other departments.
  • Streamline processes like invoice handling and inventory valuation.

Effortless Traceability and Inventory Control

  • Real-time inventory updates.
  • Automatically link specific batch codes to individual sales orders and customers.
  • Achieve 100% accurate one-step forward traceability in seconds.

Versatile Sales Order Management

  • The Verify Sales Portal offers flexibility in managing your sales processes.
  • Choose from multiple order types, including Standard Orders, Call-off Orders, Consignment Orders, and Facility Transfers.

Efficient Electronic Customer Collaboration

  • Empower your customers to collaborate directly with your business.
  • Allow customers to place orders through Verify or their preferred EDI Channels, seamlessly integrated with the sales portal.

Real-time Reporting

  • Harness the power of Verify’s reporting system for real-time insights into sales, margins, and more.
  • Access batch-specific data for a comprehensive understanding of products sold.
  • Create custom reports tailored to your specific needs and timelines.

Streamlined Document Management

  • Easily store sales-related documents by manual uploads or automated transfers via API or EDI.
  • Centralize all relevant documentation for specific orders and customers, ensuring easy access and organization.

Comprehensive Audit Trail and History

  • Effortlessly search and access historical order information and audit trails.
  • Never lose track of crucial data, ensuring complete transparency and accountability.

Efficiency Boost

  • Experience a significant increase in overall operational efficiency.
  • Streamline various processes, reducing manual effort and saving time.
  • Minimize errors with automated data handling.

Enhanced Accuracy

  • Ensure data accuracy and reliability in real-time.
  • Eliminate discrepancies in inventory management and sales tracking.
  • Improve decision-making with precise, up-to-date information.

Customized Sales Workflow

  • Tailor your sales process to match your business needs.
  • Choose from a variety of sales order types, adapting to unique customer requirements.
  • Increase agility in sales operations.

Seamless Customer Collaboration

  • Foster direct collaboration with customers through user-friendly portals.
  • Simplify order placement and communication, enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Enable effortless integration with customers using EDI channels.

In-Depth Insights

  • Gain real-time visibility into sales performance and margins.
  • Access detailed, batch-specific product knowledge for informed decision-making.
  • Generate custom reports that deliver actionable insights.

Effortless Document Management

  • Centralize sales-related documentation for easy access and organization.
  • Simplify the storage and retrieval of essential documents.
  • Ensure compliance and transparency in document handling.

Complete Transparency

  • Easily trace and review historical order information and audit trails.
  • Enhance accountability and compliance by maintaining a comprehensive record.
  • Build trust with stakeholders through transparency.

Sales Portal

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What our trusted clients say

“Thanks for your help, we received an AA (BRC rating) which is the highest grade, No NC’s N’s with traceability. Thank you for all your support and great work to the entire Verify team”

Aliya JiwaniTraining and Development Manager, Chef Bombay

“Before Verify everything was manual, we now use tablets and handhelds which free up a lot of resources and peoples time”

Karolina RyczkowskaStock Controller, Seery's Bakery

“The Verify system is a fantastic system, it takes the mundane work off us.”

Mark O'SullivanOwner, CL Meats

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