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Our software platform will ensure you are compliant with food safety legislation and at the same time dramatically improve the efficiency of your organization and reduce the cost of operating your business on a day to day basis.
Our systems link with your existing ERP and Accounts package to provide you with one integrated, paperless, business management system. This includes; QuickBooks, SAGE Accounts, MfgPro, SysPro, SAP and others…Learn More

Our EBR (Electronic Batch Record) software platform automates all of the requirements for Device History and batch record data management and record retention. Our solutions are about reducing cost, improving time-to-market, increasing efficiency and improving competiveness.
Our solutions are compliant with international standard such as 21 CFR part 11 (for electronic record and signatures) and with GAMP 5 (good automated manufacturing practice) and include a full Audit trail. We can also implement complete on-site validation programs for our clients…Learn More

Hazardous Waste Management Traceability is a key issue for Councils, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Companies and the Manufacturing Sector. Our Software automates the tracking of Documents, C1 forms, waste processing and disposal. Automatic billing customers by weight and simplifying reporting to local waste management authorities.
The system provides facilities for Bund Management, Waste Classification including EWC Code and UN Code allocation, dispatch consolidation and all of the waste process control features that usually require many hours of document generation and filing…Learn More

Larger companies are most at risk from their supply chain. Poor quality and safety controls within the supply chain can place your brands at risk.
Our VerifyFood.com hosted supply chain portal allows companies to have full visibility of problem issues in their supply base to help minimize risk and manage safety to their back door and within their supply chain. It also provides facilities for on-line auditing and monitoring of supplier quality control systems thereby improving transparency and response times…Learn More