Complete Hazardous Waste & Transfer Station Management

Verify Hazardous Waste Management


Hazardous Waste Management Traceability is a key issue for Councils, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Companies and the Manufacturing Sector. Our Software automates the tracking of Documents, C1 forms, waste processing and disposal. Automatic billing customers by weight and simplifying reporting to local waste management authorities.

The system provides facilities for Bund Management, Waste Classification including EWC Code and UN Code allocation, Dispatch consolidation and all of the waste process control features that usually require many hours of document generation and filing.

The system also prints out relevant bar codes to simplify waste management collection and also links with handheld devices that operators can use for recording transactions at remote customer locations. It can also link with weigh systems at in-coming where waste is being received.

It also includes all of the facilities for managing a complete waste transfer station.

The Sales management portal provides “one step forward” traceability and HACCP management.
It automates the complete sales order process from – order entry – fulfillment – dispatch – invoicing. All of the people involved in the sales and fulfillment process link into the Sales portal to enter data relevant to their part of this process…Learn More
The Production management portal eliminates paperwork from your production floor.
It provides traceability for all of your ingredients through the production process. It links with barcode label printers, scanners, weigh station and your production machines to ensure simple and reliable data entry…Learn More
The Quality management module provides facilities for automating your quality system for compliance with BRC audit requirements and also certification to ISO 22000, 9000 and other international quality management standards. It includes modules for Document Management, Audit Management, Calibration Management, Non-Conformance Management and more…Learn More
The Purchases management portal provides for “one step backwards” traceability and HACCP management. It tracks all of your purchasing process and logging of goods inwards into your inventory. It provides barcode labelling for all your incoming materials. All of the people involved in the purchasing and goods inwards process have one central system to control the process…Learn More