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Complete Hazardous Waste & Transfer Station Management

Transform your hazardous waste management with our cloud-based software, designed for precision traceability and streamlined operations. Tailored for councils, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and the manufacturing sector, our solution automates document tracking, waste processing, and disposal, simplifying compliance and reporting. Featuring advanced tools for waste classification, barcode integration, and mobile connectivity, our system enhances efficiency across all waste management activities, from collection to final disposal, ensuring a safer, compliant, and more efficient operation.

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Streamlining Hazardous Waste Management with Advanced Traceability Solutions:

In the critical realm of hazardous waste management, ensuring safety, compliance, and efficiency is paramount. Our cloud-based software solution revolutionizes the way hazardous waste is tracked and managed, offering unparalleled traceability and automation for councils, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and the manufacturing sector.

Comprehensive Tracking and Documentation Automation:

Our system adeptly automates the tracking of essential documents, C1 forms, waste processing, and disposal activities, significantly reducing the administrative burden. It facilitates automatic billing based on weight and streamlines reporting to local waste management authorities, ensuring accuracy and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Enhanced Waste Management Features:

Designed with precision, our software encompasses features for Bund Management, Waste Classification, including precise allocation of EWC and UN Codes, and Dispatch consolidation. These features transform the complex waste process control tasks, traditionally marred by time-consuming document generation and filing, into a seamless and efficient workflow.

Barcode Integration and Mobile Connectivity:

To further ease the waste management process, our system generates relevant barcodes for waste collection and integrates with handheld devices. This allows operators to record transactions effortlessly at remote customer locations, enhancing the mobility and flexibility of waste management operations. Additionally, the system’s capability to link with weigh systems at incoming waste reception points ensures accurate tracking and processing.

Complete Waste Transfer Station Management:

Our solution stands out by offering a comprehensive suite of tools for managing the entire lifecycle of a waste transfer station. From initial waste reception to final disposal, our software covers all aspects of operation, ensuring your facility operates at peak efficiency and compliance.

What our trusted clients say

“Thanks for your help, we received an AA (BRC rating) which is the highest grade, No NC’s N’s with traceability. Thank you for all your support and great work to the entire Verify team”

Aliya JiwaniTraining and Development Manager, Chef Bombay

“Before Verify everything was manual, we now use tablets and handhelds which free up a lot of resources and peoples time”

Karolina RyczkowskaStock Controller, Seery's Bakery

“The Verify system is a fantastic system, it takes the mundane work off us.”

Mark O'SullivanOwner, CL Meats

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