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Elevate Supply Chain Transparency with

Discover the future of food supply chain management with, your cloud-based solution for end-to-end traceability and safety. Our platform connects every link in the supply chain, from suppliers to retailers, enabling real-time data access, proactive alerts, and consumer engagement. With comprehensive traceability, efficient auditing, and enhanced brand protection, empowers you to manage risks and safeguard your reputation, transforming supply chain challenges into opportunities for growth and trust-building in the food industry

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Comprehensive Traceability:

Our system acts as the “Google of Food Traceability,” enabling real-time lookups and complete visibility across the entire supply chain. From ingredient sourcing to final product delivery, every step is traceable, ensuring food safety and compliance at every level.

Proactive Alert System:

With, food safety and traceability concerns are immediately communicated across the supply chain. Our platform sends active upstream and downstream alerts to all affected participants, enabling rapid response to potential issues.

Consumer Engagement:

Our real-time lookup feature empowers consumers to verify the safety and origin of their purchases by simply checking the batch code online. This direct engagement enhances brand trust and consumer confidence.

Enhanced Brand Protection:

In the event of a recall, our system provides retailers with the tools to prevent widespread issues, protecting consumers and safeguarding the brand’s reputation.

Efficient Supply Chain Auditing: streamlines the auditing process, making it more effective and cost-efficient. Our platform supports online auditing and continuous monitoring of supplier quality control systems, improving transparency and operational efficiency.

Risk Management and Safety:

By offering full visibility into supply base issues, large food companies can proactively manage risks, ensuring safety up to their doorsteps and throughout their supply chains.

What our trusted clients say

“Thanks for your help, we received an AA (BRC rating) which is the highest grade, No NC’s N’s with traceability. Thank you for all your support and great work to the entire Verify team”

Aliya JiwaniTraining and Development Manager, Chef Bombay

“Before Verify everything was manual, we now use tablets and handhelds which free up a lot of resources and peoples time”

Karolina RyczkowskaStock Controller, Seery's Bakery

“The Verify system is a fantastic system, it takes the mundane work off us.”

Mark O'SullivanOwner, CL Meats

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