Managing Risk & Performance through the Complete Supply Chain

 How Effective is your supply chain management?

The supply chain management system is a cloud based technology that provides facilities to allow suppliers in a supply chain (e.g. suppliers to a large retail outlet) to upload their traceability and HACCP data and the system automatically “connects up the dots” and links the ingredient and product data through the complete supply chain. The system is effectively a “Google of food Tracability” it provides supply chain companies and relevant consumers with facilities for real-time lookup of data relating to specific batches of products that they may have purchased or supplied. This allows for effective, real-time supply chain management Some of the key benefits include,
  • Active up-stream and down-stream alerts.
    Food safety and traceability problems can be registered by a supplier in the food chain and the system will automatically alert affected participants throughout the supply chain.
  • Real time lookup and query.
    Consumers can check the batch code of products they have purchased via the web site to see if the particular (batch) product they have bought is affected by some recall notice.
  • Active Brand protection
    The large retailer is taking steps to avoid a recall problem becoming a major event. The system can help to reduce the risk or a food contamination problem leaking out to consumer base and causing illness or death. Upon scanning of a product at the point of sale the POS system could query the cloud and tell the customer in real time if there was a recall notice or alert on that specific batch of product.
  • More effective supply chain Auditing and management
    Most large retail companies and food companies have dedicated supplier Audit and quality management functions. The system would provide a tool to help automate the auditing of the supplier base making this more effective cost efficient.

Verify Supply Chain Management

Larger companies are most at risk from their supply chain Management. Poor quality and safety controls within the supply chain can place the main brand at risk.

The portal allows supply chain communities to manage safety and traceability issues through the complete supply chain. Data streams from each company (i.e. traceability nodes) can be automatically uploaded to the portal and the lot code information is automatically connected down the complete supply chain by the portal.
Large Food Companies can have full visibility of problem issues in their supply base to help minimize risk and manage safety to their back door and within their supply chain. It also provides facilities for on-line auditing and monitoring of supplier quality control systems thereby improving transparency and response times.

Today each FBO (Food Business Operator) is obliged to maintain traceability records that represent “One Step Forwards – One Step Backwards”. There is currently no global system available today that can connect up these links within the supply stream to provide a complete traceability map through the complete supply chain. offers this capability and could potentially save large retailers and corporate food companies millions of euro in terms of reputational risk and safety management.

The pork recall in Ireland in 2008 ultimately cost the exchequer €150 Million. Additionally, many irish food companies had to carry losses in the order of many hundreds of thousands of euro on their own accounts even after processing compensation claims with the government.

Verify Traceability is an Irish software company that provides business management, traceability and HACCP systems to food companies. They are an emerging leader in this field and have recently launched a cloud based technology called to help solve the problems relating to “connecting up the dots” through the complete supply chain with regards to Traceability and HACCP data.

Large retail companies and food companies are most at risk in relation to supply chain “glitches”. Even though most of these companies have excellent in-house quality systems they still have most to lose in relation to any traceability or hygiene problems that happen further back in their supply chain. This ultimately means that their supply chain management systems are isolated by nature and ultimately ineffective.

The Sales management portal provides “one step forward” traceability and HACCP management.
It automates the complete sales order process from – order entry – fulfillment – dispatch – invoicing. All of the people involved in the sales and fulfillment process link into the Sales portal to enter data relevant to their part of this process…Learn More
The Production management portal eliminates paperwork from your production floor.
It provides traceability for all of your ingredients through the production process. It links with barcode label printers, scanners, weigh station and your production machines to ensure simple and reliable data entry…Learn More
The Quality management module provides facilities for automating your quality system for compliance with BRC audit requirements and also certification to ISO 22000, 9000 and other international quality management standards. It includes modules for Document Management, Audit Management, Calibration Management, Non-Conformance Management and more…Learn More
The Purchases management portal provides for “one step backwards” traceability and HACCP management. It tracks all of your purchasing process and logging of goods inwards into your inventory. It provides barcode labelling for all your incoming materials. All of the people involved in the purchasing and goods inwards process have one central system to control the process…Learn More