Inventory Management should be an automated/Background function

Effective inventory management is at the heart of many of the portals available from Verify Technologies. Our solutions conduct inventory management at a batch code (lot code) level and if necessary we can track to individual serial numbers within each batch code.

As each transaction happens through our systems the batch code (or Lot code) is recorded and if necessary the individual serial number within the batch code is also recorded.

Our solutions link with barcode label printers and with barcode scanners so that inventory transactions can be easily entered into the system in an efficient and error free mechanism.

Our traceability module “connects up the dots” in the background thereby providing a complete traceability solution to required standards in the Food and Pharmaceutical sectors. This means that you can search any and all batch/lot codes in the system and find out exactly where this batch is, what this batch is being used in and where this batch was sent to. All with a click of a button.


Inventory Counting Module

Our specialised inventory counting module simplifies the issues around managing inventory cycle counts and year end counts. The system allows for multiple users to physically count inventory simultaneously using handled devices and barcode scanners. The system then takes all of these “count transactions” and automatically consolidates them under Serial Number – Batch Code – Product Code. They module then presents a summary for each product code in terms of the actual quantity counted versus the current system quantity calculated. Differences can then be easily identified and investigated.

Once inventory count adjustments are approved and signed off the module will automatically adjust the system inventory totals. The Verify Technologies solutions also link with your existing accounts system so the inventory adjustments will automatically be transmitted to your accounts also. Allowing for completely integrated and automated Inventory Management on a batch/lot code level.

Inventory Management