Production Management doesn’t need to be so difficult

The Production Management portal is an automated “lean manufacturing” system for your business. It provides facilities for managing all of your production in a paperless fashion and managing traceability, HACCP and quality control processes as an integrated part of your daily production system.

The portal manages production on a batch (lot code) basis and as a result can generate yield and batch cost figures for each batch manufactured and on a real time basis. Ingredient traceability data is automatically managed in the background by the portal so all of this batch data is streamed automatically into the Verify Technologies traceability module at no additional overhead to the business.

The portal is a “browser based” system so any mobile device that supports a modern browser can be used for data input on the production floor. This includes rugged handheld devices, smart phones, iPads, and other mobile devices.

The portal can support multiple different Job Types each constructed of different Job steps and these can be configured to map exactly to your existing manufacturing processes associated with products or production lines. The system automatically manages all inventory transactions including ingredient usage; outputs; rework; returns; waste and others. All these transaction are managed on a batch code (lot code) basis and can also track to serial numbers within an individual batch code if necessary.

Dashboards are available to managers to plan and prioritise production jobs into the future. The progress and status of each individual job is available to all users in the system and can be accessed from remote locations via a web browser if required. The system links with the Verify Technologies recipe management module to allow tight control of ingredient usage; cooking process; and other manufacturing processes including packing.

The portal also provides facilities for printing of product barcode labels and traceability labels on a “print on demand” basis. It can also link with your existing production machines and SCADA systems if required.