SteriPack is the partner of choice for clean room Sterile Packaging Solutions and Contract Manufacturing Services for many of the world’s medical device, pharmaceutical and allied healthcare industries offering the complete supply chain solution from initial concept to finished product. With over 20 years in business, SteriPack have a deep understanding of many industry challenges meeting the most complex requirements; with the know-how and drive to make your product succeed, Steripack’s proof is the partnerships they have built with some of the world’s largest Healthcare Companies, at present their global reach extends to more than 50 countries.

What the Client Said

“Our controls over our business process have improved by, firstly providing greater viability on whats happening on the production floor, building in much better controls, workflows, business tools and providing real time data on these processes back to us… We felt with Verify that they were very flexible and adaptable in their approach with us. They gave us the system at a very competitive cost and we felt we could work in partnership with them to get Steripack’s needs through too”

Mark Murphy (Lean Engineer)Steripack

‘Under the old paperwork system we had to verify every single transaction and then sign off on those transactions manually. under the new system we have a single verification system for all the transactions which has reduced the work load dramatically’

Jude Feehan (Production support Coordinator)Steripack